Paris, the City of Romance


    As the plane landed, the romantic atmosphere soon surrounded me. The smells, the looks, the sounds, the feels, and even the tastes of this city were filled with romance. There is no need to guess, here we are, in the city of Paris, France.

    Finally, the dream city-Paris was in my sight. While sitting in the taxi , I could feel the warm sunshine coming towards my face. I do admit that Paris is definitely one good choice for a fun and entertaining trip.

    When my family and I finally settled down in the Hilton Hotel, my whole body was filled with excitement. But my tiredness kept me away from all the interesting and exciting things my brain wanted to do. I was too tired at the time because we had a six hour plane ride from JFK in New York on top of the jet lag. Unfortunately, we’ll have to start our wonderful journey in Paris the next day.

    That evening, I learned some information about Paris from an English tour booklet in which we bought from a newspaper stand. Paris, a city that has a population of approximately 10 925 000 people, is the capital city of France. Paris is a historical city, it was first founded in 300 B.C., approximately 2300 ago. This city had witnessed the medieval times, the French Revolution, World War I, World War II, and many other tragedies and major events. Unlike other big cities in the world such as New York City, Paris is the mixture of modern and historical buildings and customs. This characteristic made the city of Paris very unique.

    I woke up extra early the next morning. The dawn of Paris was especially beautiful. We could see the magnificent Eiffel Tower from our hotel room. The Tower looked extremely beautiful when the golden sun shined on it.

    After a breakfast at a French restaurant, we could finally start to explore the romantic city of Paris with our own feet. Walking on the Rue du Faubourg road of the romantic city, watching the enthusiastic people who walk pass by, I had to admit that Paris is a city that is beyond compare.

    The Eiffel Tower was my main target, because you cannot come to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. So my parents and I decided to start our wonderful day by go on to the Eiffel Tower. Walking is the best way to explore the customs of a city, and that was what we did. There were many unique statues on the streets of Paris, and all of them have their own meanings. They were very pleasant to look at when you pass by them.City of Romance

    When we finally arrived the Eiffel Tower, we were shocked at the number of people in line to buy the tickets. Although the waiting line was extremely long, but it was worth waiting. After about an hour, we finally got 3 tickets for elevators to the 3rd floor. We could have bought the tickets for stairs, but it’ll take too much time for us to climb to the 3rd floor.

    When we arrived the first floor. The feeling inside me was hard to describe with words. But the excitement inside me told me that I’m finally on the famous Eiffel Tower. The 1st floor wasn’t very high, so I requested my parents to go up to the 3rd floor, they agreed. Again, we were on the elevator, going up, and watching the buildings become smaller, and smaller. When we were on the third floor, there were many telescopes. The view of Paris from the third floor of the Eiffel Tower was beyond imaginations. The view was fantastic! Unfortunately, it was almost three ‘o clock, we needed to eat our lunch. After we came back down onto the ground again, the tower looked different from how it looked three hours ago. It became mightier than before, mightier than ever (at least, to me it did).

    We were searching for a restaurant on the way back to our hotel. Fortunately, restaurants were everywhere. We walked into a huge restaurant name Maison Blanche, apparently famous for its steak. A nice waiter who spoke English helped us with the menu. French food is exotic, yet delicious.

    In the following days, we visited the famous Arc de Triumphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Sacre Soeur – some of the interesting historical sites of Paris.

    On the last day of our journey, we, again, were walking on the streets of Paris. Watching all the enthusiastic, and romantic people, I’m satisfied with this trip. Even though this trip of romance only lasted 6 days, but I’m glad, because I saw everything what I’ve expected to see.

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