The Best Nightclubs in Paris


    I spent 2 weeks in Paris last month with my friend on holiday and let me tell you we had a blast partying every night at some of the nicest nightclubs in the city.

    I’m going to give you a little list of some the places we visited and what they offer.

    The Barrio Latino
    This place has it all from high steel ceilings and red velvety couches to a hot steaming dance floor this place has a definite recommendation from me no matter what your mood is, whether or not you actually want to dance I can guarantee you that by the end of the evening you will be up there rubbing shoulders (and other things) with some of the hottest Girls/Guys in the city.
    The humble price for admission (and trust me its worth it) is 20 Euro and they are open from late morning until 2am every day.
    Not a place to miss check it out next trip to Paris.

    The Cab

    Now this is one that I really like it was very modern but at the same time made you feel comfortable. Being in this place makes you just want to get down and do some hardcore dancing as it is so hip and the people that hang out there are some of the coolest people you will ever meet. Very strict entry policies when me and my friend went in the bouncer didn’t give us much or a problem except for some rules but we saw quite a few other people being rejected and hassled quite a bit, so my advice is dress nice and don’t come looking like a mob because they don’t like those kind of people. It’s located quite close to the Louvre and is open 6 days of the week from 8pm to 6am so you can definitely party all night long. Admission cost us 30 Euro each but when you have the money to burn its not a big deal.
    On a scale of 1 to 10 DEFINITLY GO HERE!! 10 Stars.

    I wasn’t planning on writing about this place but my friend loved it so I will. To sum up the decoration it is very very French, interesting but very French. It does have very beautiful views, and a nice, calm but yet seductive attitude and feel to it. The people you find there are quite high class and in order to get in you also have to be looking pretty spiffy (the first night they refused us entry because of how we were dressed). This is a prestigious place and not so party like as the others but it still has something about it that makes it a wonderful place to spend an evening. Only open Thursday to Saturday until 12:30 am and it is free to enter.

    Le Queen
    Only for the queer folks who want to party and have a good time, I’ve never been to it myself but you can’t help hearing about it everywhere in Paris supposedly it is full most every night and is very popular among rich people and celebrities and so on. If your into that stuff than you should check it out.

    Of course we went to a lot more club but these were some of the standout ones, I hope this is helpful to you for the next time you want to party in the City of Love.

    All I can say is Paris J’Taime.

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